Mobile Delivery FAQ:

How do I scan my ticket at the game?

You have two options with a mobile ticket:

  1. You can open the PDF attachment from your email and the ushers at the gate will scan the QR code in the PDF
  2. You can add your ticket to Apple Wallet and open the app at the game and the ushers will scan the QR code from Wallet (Recommended)

We highly recommend downloading your tickets to Apple Wallet prior to arriving at Neyland Stadium to avoid any connectivity issues at the stadium.

Can I print my ticket and scan the paper copy?

We are no longer offering print-at-home tickets as a delivery option.  The tickets should be opened on your phone and scanned from your device.

How do I transfer a ticket to someone else?

You can forward the email with the PDF tickets attached to the person you would like to transfer the tickets to or you can add the tickets to Apple Wallet and transfer through the Wallet feature.

How do I add to Apple Wallet?

You can log into your account from your phone and choose the Events and Tickets tab, select the game you want to add, click the Add to Apple Wallet button next to each seat.

If you chose Mobile Delivery when you purchased the tickets, from your confirmation email you can click the Add to Apple Wallet button next to each seat.

What if I have an Android phone?

You can still use the Wallet functionality; however, you will need to download a Wallet app in order to add the tickets to your Android device.

What if there are multiple people in my group?

All of the tickets will be within the same PDF attachment, you can open the attachment and scroll through to have the ushers scan each QR code or if you have added your tickets to Apple Wallet you can transfer the tickets to the other members of your group or just scroll through the tickets and have the ushers scan each QR code from the Wallet app.

What if I can’t access my email at the stadium?

If your tickets have been added to Apple Wallet than no need to access your email, just open the Wallet app and select your tickets.

If you have not added your tickets to Apple Wallet and you are unable to access your email at the stadium, you can go to any of the ticket booths (Gate 11, 21, or 23) and ask to have your ticket reprinted.  We can only reprint tickets for the ticket account holder and photo ID will be required prior to reprints being issued.

What if my ticket isn’t scanning at the gate?

Check the brightness on your phone is set to 50% or higher.  If your ticket still is not scanning you can go to any ticket booth (Gate 11, 21, 23) and a representative will assist you with your tickets.